Your voice, reaching further.

Ready to build a vibrant community of fans and listeners?

You’ve already taken the first step by recording your voice and telling your story. You know your listeners are more than just a notch in the download count. Now it’s time to use email marketing to connect with your tribe and grow your show.

Whether you hope to monetize your podcast or simply start a movement, email marketing will help. With email, you can keep listeners coming back for more, tell them about your products or services and continue to interact with them where they are - whether that’s on the road listening, or checking their inbox over a cup of coffee.

As podcasters, we push out content, but rarely have any idea who's consuming it, and how they're feeling. With email marketing, you can break through that anonymity to convert listeners into fans and fans into patrons. Our 5-day email course and Email Marketing for Podcasters guide will help you learn how.

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Get the guide and FREE course today. Here’s what you’ll learn:


Email is so much more than just an "e-newsletter."

With email automation, smart personalization tools and cutting-edge mobile apps, you can do so much more than a basic newsletter, with less time and energy. Podcasters face unique challenges, and in this lesson, we’ll look at how email marketing can solve those problems.


How to choose the right email service provider.

There are way too many decisions out there for podcasters. What hosting service should I use? What's the best Wordpress theme for my show? What email provider should I try? It can be exhausting. In this lesson, we’ll make it easy for you. You’ll learn what email features podcasters need to be successful and how to choose a strong provider.


Start growing your email list today.

Getting listeners and casual site visitors to join your email list is perhaps the most difficult hurdle to overcome. In this lesson, you’ll learn wildly successful tactics to grow your email list. From creating your first signup form, to developing the perfect opt-in incentive, you’ll discover the best tactics to get your list going from 0 to 88mph before you can say, "Great Scott!"


Give your listeners instant value with email automation.

Save time, deliver value and make strong connections by sending a series of automated emails to your new and engaged subscribers. Email automation might sound complex, but we'll break down how a simple series can be your most effective asset, and how you can use automation to monetize your podcast.


Keep your readers engaged with these low-effort tactics.

Kicking off your email marketing is easy - our guide and course are designed to make it that way. But email will only be effective if you keep up with it. Sending consistently and keeping your subscribers engaged can be difficult and time-consuming if you don't know how to get smart and scrappy with email. In this lesson, you’ll learn expert tips to level up with less effort.