Segment Your List

Deliver targeted, relevant emails to your subscribers.

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Easily Create Segments

Create subscriber segments based on activity.


Who opened (or didn't open) a specific message.


Who clicked a certain link in a specific email.


What products they bought and how much they spent.


What pages subscribers visited on your website.


Location or region based on IP address.

Sign Up Form

Custom information collected at sign up like age & gender.

Target Subscribers

With the Sign Up Form Builder, it's easy to request specific information (name, email and up to 25 other fields) from your prospects and use that to segment once they're on your list.

Personalized email marketing

Segment your list based on reader activity for higher profitability.

Why Segment

Your subscribers are unique - treat them that way! Segmenting ensures they only receive content that is relevant to their needs. As a result, you have more engaged readers, better click-through rates and more sales.

How Does It Work?

On your sign-up form, you can include fields for prospects to enter their location, a product or service they're interested in, or any other information you want to collect. Once you have that, you can send targeted, personalized emails to different groups.

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