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"I chose AWeber and have been surprised and delighted with everything from the software itself to the patience and care of their support team. Also, they are continually innovating and adding new features and new integrations to make my life easier. I feel safe trusting my most important asset (my email list) to a company that has been in business for over 15 years."

— Natalie Eckdahl, BizChix.com

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Already have a list? Import it easily! Starting from scratch? Create a signup form and put it on your website, or have users sign up on your Android or iOS device using AWeber's Atom App. You can use pen and paper lists too, but Atom is more fun!

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Set up your first autoresponder message and sending will happen automatically! Have updates on your next podcast or a new blog post, or want to share some relevant tips & tricks — send a one-time broadcast message to one or more relevant lists.

5. Build Relationships

You now have direct access to inspire, connect, educate, and inform your subscribers. Use this power wisely, never spam, and start to build meaningful relationships that will fuel your business. (That's a lot of pressure! Up to the challenge?)

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Customer Solutions Specialist

Award winning customer solutions.

2016 Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service 2017 Bronze Stevie Award 2018 Bronze Stevie Award 2019 Silver Stevie Award

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"One thing I appreciate the most about your support is the education you provide along with your support. You make sure we understand the process rather than just doing it for us every time."

— Catherine Mich, Terrific Transitions