Permission Based Email Marketing

Ethical, responsible email campaigns start with permission.

Why Permission Matters

At AWeber, we believe that all successful email marketing starts with permission. (It doesn't end there, but it starts there.)

Permission leads to better email deliverability and ultimately, better results from your email marketing.

Permission Email Marketing at AWeber

Our customers use AWeber to email subscribers who sign up to their email lists directly. Usually, that happens on our customers' websites. We allow customers to upload subscribers, but only if those subscribers have granted permission.

Businesses can't buy email lists and use them with our service. (Buying email lists is a terrible idea, anyway.)

We also believe strongly in confirming subscribers' interest in signing up. This means that when someone is added to your list, the first email you send them asks them to click a link to activate their subscription, also known as Confirmed Opt-in. Opt-in email marketing helps you continue to reach subscribers' inboxes.

Permission Email Marketing Articles

We're passionate about permission and opt-in email marketing!

Here are a few of the many articles we've written about it:

  • Vonage Reminds Us Why Permission's Not Optional - example of what happens if you ignore permission
  • Can I Use This List? - examples of when you do and don't have someone's permission to email them
  • How Do I Collect Subscribers at Conferences? - helps you build your list offline while respecting permission in your email marketing

More on AWeber's Permission Email Marketing Policies

  • Anti-spam Policy
  • Permission Pledge - what does it mean to sign up to a mailing list managed at AWeber?
  • Email Deliverability - more on what we do to help your emails get delivered

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