QuickEmailVerification is an email list verification service to help you clean your mailing lists. Reach more Inboxes, reduce bounces and protect reputation. Use API for realtime email verification.


QuickEmailVerification is an online web-based email verification service. It allows you to verify emails in bulk or real-time (using REST API). Cleaning your email address database will improve the ROI of your marketing efforts and help you maintain a great Sender Reputation.

QuickEmailVerification is a robust system which can verify emails at the rate of thousands per minute. During the verification process, system verifies whether an email address really exists. System also identifies and classifies whether it is a disposable address or role address or catch all address. At the end of the analysis, system produces a report, based on which you can take more informed decisions. All this, in matter of minutes!

Here's how you will benefit by using QuickEmailVerification service:

  • Remove dead or unsafe email addresses and keep only deliverable addresses.

  • Virtually all your emails reach the inbox. Improves open rates of your campaign.

  • Hugely improves the deliverability of your emails.

  • Communicate to actual people, not dead Inboxes.

  • Lowered costs. No wasted resources on invalid email addresses.

  • Reduce your email bounce rates. Better Sender Reputation.

  • Easy AWeber integration. Import your subscriber list directly from your AWeber account.

QuickEmailVerification has helped over 30k businesses around the world and it can definitely help you. Visit us today and find out how it can help you reach out to more prospects.

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