Briteverify Email Verification can reduce bounce rates by 98% & help emails reach the inbox. Instantly and safely onboard new, verified lists into AWeber right from the BriteVerify app.


BriteVerify Email Verification has teamed up with AWeber to ensure the validity and deliverability of your marketing lists. Stay out of trouble. Clean your email addresses before you send. Briteverify can reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages reach inbox.

Never send undeliverable emails with these easy to use integration features:

  • Real-time email verification.

  • Remove invalid, risky and inactive emails from existing lists inside of AWeber right from the BriteVerify app.

  • Marketing ROI/deliverability improvement.

Remove risky and inactive emails, you'€™ll be certain that the emails you send make it to the Inbox!

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Author: BriteVerify, LLC