Sleeknote is a lead-generation tool for e-commerce. Create fully customizable lead forms and convert your visitors into subscribers and valuable leads without hurting the user experience.


Sleeknote is a SaaS product that helps online stores communicate with their visitors in a personal and intelligent way to turn visitors into leads and customers. Create amazing campaigns or grow your email list from your website and sync it instantly with your AWeber email list. Design intelligent lead capture forms such as slide-ins and popups with Sleeknote's user-friendly drag-n-drop editor in which you can customize every little element to match your website design. Test your new design with the inbuilt A/B split testing tool and target customers based on specific referrals using Sleeknote's advanced targeting system.

A few of Sleeknote's features are:

  • A simple drag & drop editor that allows users to customize every element, making sure the lead capture form fits the design of the site.

  • Page level targeting feature that lets users choose the specific pages or categories on which to show the lead capture form.

  • Users can test different designs, content and positions with Sleeknote's A/B split testing feature, to identify exactly which ideas work best.

  • Exit-intent technology that makes it possible to show a sleeknote at precise moment your visitor is about to leave.

  • Sleeknote Analytics - Find out which pages and popups yield the best results in Sleeknote analytics.

Some of the largest e-commerce companies around use Sleeknote to increase sales and the size of their email list and most importantly: Create lead capture forms within minutes that’s highly effective and un-intrusive at the same time.

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Author: Sleeknote Inc