Privy provides free, exit intent pop ups, banners and other opt-in forms on your site that grow your AWeber email list. Easy to design, code free, and deeply integrated with AWeber.


Rapidly grow your email list for free with Privy's suite of email capture tools. Easily design and target exit intent popups, banners, bars, and other forms to convert your website traffic into AWeber subscribers.

Privy's platform includes:

  • Customizable, mobile optimized display types including popups, banners, bars, flyouts and embedded forms

  • Automatic syncing to a list of choice in AWeber, with support for tags, hidden fields and more.

  • Display campaigns based on exit intent, timers, scroll percentage, device type, page, cart abandonment, referral path and more.

  • Incentivize more signups using single use coupon codes or content gates.

  • Code free integrations for all websites including wordpress, shopify, weebly and many more.

Over 100,000 businesses use Privy to power their list growth.

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Author: Privy, Inc