Easily create forms as beautiful as you, without writing a line of code. Engage your audience with free-text, images & video, your branding, payments, and so much more. Capture what you need.


Paperform is a form building platform that allows you to easily create beautiful forms. With Paperform, forms aren't a just standalone set of questions; they can be surrounded with engaging and relevant copy and themed to match the brand of it's creator. Create forms like a doc, using free-text, adding questions & logic, and adding payment fields, etc. Forms can be shared and integrated in various ways, including through Zapier, social media, email, and embedding.

Here's how we're awesome:

  • Branding: Paperform provides you with a form that seamlessly looks and feels like it's yours. Customize colors, add images & video, format text, and more. Other form builders dictate the flow and look of your forms.

  • Speed and ease: Paperform is extremely fast for creating forms because you can type free-text directly onto the page. Creating forms is often time consuming when it doesn't have to be.

  • Versatile: We offer a great form experience on both mobile and desktop. We let you create a form that is viewed holistically on desktop, and converts well to mobile.

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Author: Zapier