Build your social audience

Extend your reach beyond the inbox.

Connecting Your Digital Dots

In this course, you’ll learn why embracing social and email marketing can help you build a thriving community, along with case studies, strategies and data that will help you turn your social fans into email subscribers.


With each new day, you’ll learn how to:


Find your tribe (and why you need to)

Finding your “people” is something both social media and email marketing share in common. After all, you’re creating more than a brand - it’s a community. We’ll help you identify who it is you should be reaching to get the most from your messaging.


Turn casual ‘likes’ into subscribers

From adding a signup form on your page to hosting a contest or giveaway, we’ll show you how you can use Facebook to promote your list and take the relationship with your followers to the next level.


Grow your brand with visuals

Pinterest and Instagram are more than just visual discovery tools - they’re huge revenue drivers for brands. Learn how you can leverage these platforms to generate leads and sales.


Create compelling social videos

Videos make for super shareable social content, but tend to expire quickly. So what are you doing to convert those passive viewers into loyal subscribers? We’ll show you all of the ways you can connect with your fans long after they hit ‘play’.


Integrating your social tools

From contest hosting to lead generation, we’ll cover the different tools that make it easy to connect your social accounts to your email list.