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Segment Your List

Easily group subscribers and deliver targeted, relevant emails to each group.

Easily Create Segments

Create subscriber segments based on activity.
  • Who opened (or didn't open) a specific message
  • Who clicked a certain link in a specific email
  • What products they bought and how much they spent
  • What pages subscribers visited on your website
  • Location or region based on IP address
  • Custom information collected at signup like age & gender

How does it work?

Learn how your business can benefit from list segmenting. Let's say you own a restaurant...

As the owner of the Southwest Grill, you want to take your business to the next level and stand out from the competition.

On the sign up form on your website, you include an option for prospects to select whether they prefer a spicy menu or they lean toward the mild side.

When you collect this information, it can be used to send targeted email messages to both subscribers, and adds a unique, personal touch to your communications.

Spicy Pete

Pete likes the spicier side of the menu. With Pete now on your BURNING HOT list you can provide him with special deals and coupons for chili meals, and send him personalized, spicy emails.

Smokey Jim-Jack

Smokey Jim-Jack loves his BBQ sweet and smokey. Now that Jim-Jack is in your SWEET & SMOKEY segment you can let him know about your specials on baby back ribs and pulled pork. OOOOOH WEEEE!

Target Subscribers From the Beginning

Strengthen your segments with information collected at sign-up.

With the Sign Up Form Builder, it's easy to request specific information (Name, Email and up to 25 other fields) from your prospects and use that to segment once they're on your list.

Or, automatically add subscribers to a segment based on which sign up form they filled out.

Learn More About Subscriber Segmenting

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