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Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase sales and profits with AWeber's email marketing campaign software.

Why Create Email Marketing Campaigns?

  • Reliably drive sales for many businesses - email marketing ROI is over 4300% according to the Direct Marketing Association
  • Build lasting, profitable relationships with your customers
  • Increase referrals and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Raise conversion rates and average customer value

How To Create Email Marketing Campaigns

Using AWeber's email marketing campaign software is easy!

First, write two (2) email messages:

  • One to welcome new subscribers
  • One with answers to prospects' most popular questions about your business

Next, create a signup form for website visitors to fill out (our Web Form Generator makes this easy!) and put it on your site.

Finally, encourage people to sign up! When they do, our autoresponder system will deliver the emails you wrote automatically to each new prospect as they sign up to your list.

You can then add on to this sequence of emails to automate your sales process further and close more sales.

More Ways AWeber Makes Email Marketing Campaigns Easy

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