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Targeted & Direct Email Marketing
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Increase sales and profits with direct email marketing campaigns and AWeber.

Why Your Business Needs Direct Email Marketing

Effective email marketing enables your business to build profitable relationships with customers by speaking to them directly.

This relationship increases conversions and lifetime customer value as customers return to you to buy more. Plus, it drives referrals as subscribers share your email offers and information with others.

What's especially great is how targeted email marketing is. For one thing, your subscribers are coming to you and asking to learn more about your business. So your marketing dollars are targeted to your most highly interested prospects. No wonder direct email marketing enjoys extraordinary ROI - $43.52 for every dollar invested in 2009, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

AWeber: A Trusted Direct Email Marketing Partner

AWeber has provided stable and reliable direct email marketing software since 1998.

Here are just a few reasons that over 120,000+ businesses around the world choose us:

Ready to start your direct email marketing campaign with AWeber?

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