Brand Story

Tell your story, attract your audience.

Bringing your brand to life through stories

Think about the last really good story you read or watched.

Maybe it was a video that gave a behind-the-scenes look at the ethical process of how a brand’s products are created. Or maybe it was an article featuring a customer whose life improved. Either way, these stories did the same thing: they sparked an emotional connection and added another layer of trust. And quite possibly, they ignited a desire to put yourself into the story, too.

Brand stories have become essential to every business because it allows them to share the value they bring to customers in a compelling way. And people simply remember stories better than they do anything else.

When you subscribe to our 5-lesson email course, you’ll get the steps you need to not only discover and share your story, but to live it out on a daily basis.

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Throughout the course you’ll learn how to:


Identify the key elements of your story

To write a compelling story, you first need to do a little research and self-reflection on your target audience, competitors and the purpose of your brand. In the first lesson, we’ll help guide you towards a clear understanding.


Create your brand story

Using your research from lesson 1, it’s time to write a compelling narrative for your brand story. (This is when the magic happens!)


Internalize your story

Your story can only be successful if everyone who represents your brand knows it and is ready to live it out on a daily basis. Here you’ll learn how to get your team on board.


Weave your story through every consumer interaction

What does it mean for a brand to share their story? This lesson will dive into the different ways you can weave it throughout all customer interactions, from your emails to customer service.


Keep your brand story current

As the needs of your customers and the marketplace change over time, so too will you need to keep your story up-to-date. Here you’ll learn how to keep your story relevant in a way that stays true to your core brand.