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0–500 Subscribers


501–2,500 Subscribers


2,501–5,000 Subscribers


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25,000+ Subscribers
Broadcast Drafts

Send Email

It’s true that email can connect people in remarkable ways.

And whether you send a weekly blog newsletter or an automated educational email series, we’ve got your back. That’s why you get three different ways to communicate with subscribers: Automated Emails, Broadcast Emails, Blog Broadcast Emails.

Broadcast Drafts

Automated Emails

With automated email campaigns (aka autoresponders), you can create and schedule emails ahead of time so they automatically send to your new subscribers. And as your emails engage your audience, you’ll have the freedom to do, well, anything else really.

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Building Blocks

Endless possibilities.
Automation can be as simple as a single welcome email for new subscribers. Or it can be as robust as an educational course or lead nurturing series.

Bookmarked Content

Content that lasts.
The idea is to let your emails work for you, so the content you include ideally shouldn’t change any time soon.

Email Automation

Hassle-free automation.
Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to build an automated email campaign. Add emails, delay times and even tags and triggers for smarter campaigns.

And in case you were wondering — email automation is included at no extra charge. :)

Email Automation

Hassle-free automation.
Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to build an automated email campaign. Add emails, delay times and even tags and triggers for smarter campaigns.

And in case you were wondering — email automation is included at no extra charge. :)

Broadcast Emails

To share time-sensitive information to your subscribers, broadcasts are the way to go. Broadcasts are one-time messages you can send to subscribers, and they work in tandem with your automated emails. So after you welcome your new subscribers with an automated welcome message, they’ll receive any news you send in a broadcast.


Your digital megaphone, sans bulkiness.
Create a broadcast to communicate your weekly newsletters, product updates, limited-time promotions, event invitations and other time-sensitive information.


Get the right message to the right person.
Send a broadcast to all subscribers or a segment of subscribers for more targeted communication. You can create segments based on anything you ask in your sign up form fields, like geographical location, interests and more.

Get inspiration for your broadcast emails and more on our blog!

Broadcast Email
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Grow Your List

To grow your business with email, you don’t just need an email list. You need subscribers who love the content, products, or services you have to offer.

So we made sure you have plenty of ways to do just that: Add subscribers from your website, at the grocery store, from another provider, or through your favorite tools, like Facebook and PayPal.

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AWeber Mobile App Sign Up Forms

Atom App

Whether you’re at a conference or climbing Mt. Everest, our Atom App allows you to collect subscribers any time, anywhere. Simply download the app to your mobile device and log in to your account; you’ll have a sign up form by your side at all times.

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Importing Subscribers

Already have subscribers from another email service provider? Adding them to your new AWeber account is a breeze, so your subscribers won’t notice you moved.

Address book

Moving made easy.
Import your subscribers to AWeber without asking them to reconfirm they want to be added to your list. Moving has never been smoother.

Confirmed Opt In

What's confirmed opt-in?
Confirmed opt-in (COI) is an industry best practice that encourages email senders to allow new subscribers to confirm their subscription to their list. The results? A healthier and more engaged list of subscribers, lower risk of spam complaints and optimum deliverability. You can read more about it on our blog!

Import Animation


Use tools like PayPal or LeadPages to collect email addresses? Connect them to your AWeber account so subscribers automatically get added to your email list. We connect with dozens of integrations and tools — check out our featured ones.


Lauren W.

Customer Solutions Specialist

Award-Winning Customer Solutions

2016 Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service 2017 Bronze Stevie Award 2018 Bronze Stevie Award 2019 Silver Stevie Award

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Catherine Mich Testimonial Headshot

"One thing I appreciate the most about your support is the education you provide along with your support. You make sure we understand the process rather than just doing it for us every time."

— Catherine Mich, Terrific Transitions

Flipped Lifestyle

Shane and Jocelyn Sams

Flipped Lifestyle

“Nothing is as easy to use and set up as AWeber. It has a solid, easy-to-understand interface and is perfect for just starting out. We were able to get our opt-in forms up quick and create emails on the first day.”

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Jill Winger

Jill Winger

The Prairie Homestead

“I've used several other providers, but just wasn't happy with the results. I had heard about AWeber for ages from the top blogging gurus. I finally decided to do a trial membership, and I was completely impressed. It's ease of use instantly got my attention and helped me know it was the right program for me.”

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Email Templates

With email templates, you get the benefit of sending beautiful emails without the hassle of having to design them from scratch. Whether you choose a pre-made template in our message editor or have our expert designers create a custom template just for you, you’ll be proud to send your emails.


Save time with pre-made email templates.
Our 700+ HTML templates are compatible with all major email services and are mobile responsive. Choose from multiple color schemes to match your email to your brand, add a logo or other images, use 1-column and 2-column designs and more.


Have a custom template created just for you.
To ensure your emails create a seamless experience with your brand, our design team is here to help develop a custom email template, modify an existing template, or convert a PDF template into one that’s uniquely yours.

Email Templates

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