Listery is for email marketers who want to increase the value of every subscriber. Listery lets you tag, segment & score subscribers in real time, allowing highly targeted, effective email marketing.


Listery is for email marketers who sell or promote products online. Its goal is to track and increase sales and hence the lifetime value and ROI of every list subscriber.

Listery does not send email. It integrates with existing accounts on GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp and Constant Contact. Listery users do not need to move their lists to benefit from its sale boosting functionality.

Listery combines a subscriber’s interaction with both email (opens, reads, clicks) and web-based content such as web pages and blogs. As these interactions happen, Listery can invisibly build a profile of the subscriber’s interests.

This profile is used in real time to tag, segment, score and value the subscriber allowing highly targeted email marketing at the right time.

With this knowledge, Listery allows the email marketer to automatically target the subscriber with relevant content at precisely the moment when the subscriber is known to be a hot prospect, increasing conversions, sales, profits and subscriber ROI.

Listery’s powerful tracking also allows the profiling of website and blog visitors who have not yet become list subscribers. When a web visitor eventually joins a list and becomes a subscriber, that visitor’s profile history is added to their subscriber record, creating a pre-built profile that can be immediately used to target the new subscriber by email. The result is more sales and profit in less time.

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