Building newsletters can be a time consuming job. Dijest provides a method for automating the process. It can help you discover, curate and send your newsletters on a schedule that suits you.


Automate your newsletter workflow and update your company's social accounts at the same time! Finding content and then formatting it for your company newsletter is time consuming. Dijest discovers content for you, by listening for relevant stories on Twitter or from blogs you specify. Top stories are presented in convenient card format, making it easy to share them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, before then including the most engaging stories into an attractive branded newsletter.

Features include:

  • Customizable templates to make your newsletters irresistible reading

  • Works with your existing AWeber account and subscriber lists

  • Ranks newsletter stories based on social engagement

  • Supports in-line advertising slots, to monetize your newsletter

  • Integrates with your Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy sharing of stories

  • Supports multiple RSS and Twitter searches for comprehensive content discovery

Dijest works with companies large and small to help deliver regular engaging newsletters to their subscriber base. You will be amazed how a regular company newsletter creates customer loyalty, trust and return traffic like now no other medium can.

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Author: Dijest Limited