Running a successful webinar can seem like a complex task. With the Demio webinar platform, you can easily integrate your AWeber account to capture registrants, segment your contacts, and more.


Grow, segment, and qualify your email list with Demio, a smart webinar platform on a simple mission.

The Demio platform includes:

  • The ability to setup a high-converting, webinar registration page that is synced to a list in your AWeber account. New registrations will be synced to that list through our integration.

  • Add or remove contacts from a list in AWeber based on a trigger in Demio, such as Attends, Did Not Attend, Left Early, Completed Webinar, and more.

Demio is a great way to build relationships with your contacts, and it will allow you to send more personalized messages based on their behaviors in Demio.

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Author: Demio