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Top Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

keep calm

Email marketing rockstars

AWeber surveyed 1,600 of its rockstar customers to find out their future plans for email marketing.

75% small business owners or freelancers using email marketing for their businesses

91% fulfilling marketing needs themselves

30% attribute more than 25% of their overall business revenue to email marketing

81% say email marketing is very important to the future growth of their business

Here’s how they’re fine tuning their email marketing

45% say in 2016 they’re most excited to try automation for the first time (automating emails based off of actions and attributes)


Power up with automation

Automation, it’s kind of a big deal

See why AWeber’s Email Best Practices Manager Josh Smith says email automation is all the rage.

Josh Smith Email automation allows business owners to spend less time on their email campaigns, but get a whole lot more out of it. - 3 Ways to Make Automation Work for Your Business


Captivate the audience

AWeber customers tell us their definition of successful email marketing is establishing better relationships with their subscribers

Plan to achieve this by focusing on these three key areas this year:

  1. Subscriber growth
  2. Converting subscribers into buyers
  3. Increasing engagement

And learning more about these key areas:

  1. Automation
  2. What to write
  3. what to write
  4. Email design
Keep calm

Keep calm and rock on

Small businesses tell us they’ll rock out with email marketing by doing more and sending more.

50% spend 2-6 hours per week on email marketing for their business and 83% say their anticipated use of email marketing will increase in 2016 compared to 2015.

51% send marketing emails on a daily or weekly basis and 79% say they will send more in 2016

Here’s to small businesses everywhere that are rocking out with email marketing, kicking it up a notch with email automation, and putting their audience first. You rock!

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