Link Tank: SEO Videos, Stock Photos and Kermit The Frog’s Inbox

Link TankLink Tank is our way of showing you some of the interesting, useful, thought-provoking and other eye-catching stuff we come across. For more of these, see the Link Tank tag.

Aaron at SEO Book points out several handy videos on SEO basics.

If you grit your teeth every time your marketing questions are answered with, “It depends,” find out why it really does depend.

Is your product a vitamin (nice to have, but doesn’t fill a desperate need)? Turn it into an aspirin!

Using stock photos and other generic images on your site or in your emails? According to Jacob Nielsen, you might want to rethink that. (Hat tip: @putorti.)

If you need a playful pick-me-up, take a peek at Kermit the Frog’s inbox.

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Justin Premick is the former Director of Educational Products at AWeber.

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