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AWeber’s Best Dressed Emails Of 2014

Posted By Jess Ward On March 5, 2014 @ 1:06 pm In Email Marketing | 6 Comments


Just like a Little Black dress, the best email designs are classic and timeless.

More than half the emails sent through AWeber use the “Plain Template [1]“- but don’t be fooled. This template can be dressed up in minutes to create a branded, clean design.

These three businesses created some best dressed emails by rocking the Plain Template and making it their own.



Pur Nourish [2]

Pur Nourish Organic Studio

Pur Nourish Organic Studio’s [3] autoresponder message is a highly styled version of the Plain Template.

They add customized logos, images and a custom signature with a personal touch. Just by dressing up the email with some green text, this email now matches their website perfectly.

Part of being best dressed is having great accessories. Pur Nourish [3] has accessorized their message with a white listing request [4] at the top of their message to help ensure subscribers never miss a message in their inbox. They have also added social media buttons to help increase their social media presence.











Make It & Love It [5]

Make It & Love It

Make it & Love It [6] makes good use of the Plain Template as well by styling the email to match their own brand.

Adding your logo to a message is a simple way to create brand recognition and consistency in your design across different platforms.

Make it & Love It [6]also helps their subscribers by providing a link to view the message online [7]. This is a great accessory to any email that will allow subscribers to view the message online if an email client isn’t properly rendering the message.








Fork Restaurant [8]

Fork Restaurant

Fork Restaurant [9] takes its look from desktop to mobile by optimizing their message for any device. How so? Their take on the plain template has a branded logo and brief content.

This minimalist look ensures that subscribers won’t have to scroll much even if the screen size is limited. Mobile messages are a rising trend this season with over 51% of subscribers [10]viewing your message on their phone.

Fork Restaurant [8]


Though Pur Nourish, Make it & Love It and Fork Restaurant are all starting with the same plain template, you would never know it. By using logos, images and your website’s color scheme, they dressed their emails to impress.

Get the Look

With AWeber’s drag and drop message editor you can easily dress up your template by taking advantage of AWeber’s unlimited image storing [11] and upload your website’s logo [12] or other images.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Adding Aweber’s follow me [13] and share buttons [14] is a great way to help increase your social media presence.

Are you sporting AWeber’s latest chic mobile responsive templates this marketing season?

You can easily apply them to make your messages look great anywhere, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile device!

For more information on how to optimize your messages for the rising mobile trend, check out AWeber’s designer’s tips [15].

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